NINNELT International GmbH

Since 50 years Ninnelt International is an established manufacturer and supplier of complete filling stations for liquefied gases, such as propane/butane, anhydrous ammonia, carbon dioxide, chlorine, refrigerating agents and others.


We provide the best solutions for whatever needs or problems there may be in the field of automatic filling of liquids and gases. Our propositions take into account the economic concepts and the local possibilities of customers. That is why our systems always are adapted to customers’ demands.

The universally accepted Ninnelt filling units have been developed in different configurations in tune with economic aspects and in user-friendly concepts.

Through the long years of experience with our world-wide customers as well as our partners and branches in many countries of the world we belong to the leading suppliers in this sphere. Our products are in constant development and comply the highest expectations of our customers be this for safety, quality and performance.

Filling Scale WAER100ex/e with pneumatic filling head

From the task analysis and planning of complete filling plants down to the smallest detail we put emphasis on the qualified personnel that work out for a customer rapid and flexible proposition with the help of modern technical support.

Since decades the Ninnelt filling units are accident-free at work in explosion-risk buildings.